Flag Quiz 2

Welcome to your 2023 - Flag Quiz 2

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During the last one minute of the half, the clock will stop for incomplete passes.
Playing time shall be four periods of of the (10) minutes each.
Illegal motion is the action of two or more players moving at the snap.
Halftime will last 5 minutes.
B’s scrimmage line may extend into their end zone.
If a player’s flag belt inadvertently falls to the ground while they are in possession of the ball, the runner is down at the spot where the flag comes off.
The offense gains a first down with 0:26 to go in the first half.  The run ends in bounds.  The game clock will start on the ready for play whistle.
The clock will run continuously for the first nineteen (19) minutes of the half except for a team time-out or official’s time-out.
After the game is stopped for the two minute warning, the game clock will start on the snap.
An opponent may not hold or impede the progress of the runner in an attempt to de-flag them.