2023 – Flag Quiz 3

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The officials will retrieve the ball after a down.
The zone line-to-gain shall always be twenty (20) yards in advance of the most forward point of the ball at the start of the series.
A small towel may be placed under the ball only if weather or field conditions permit
Only Head Coaches are required to take the annual on-line GHSA rules clinic.
Regular season games will be officiated with three (3) officials.
An injured player is allowed to return to the game if their team is changed a team tine out.
If Team B intercepts a pass or a fumble during the Try, the ball becomes dead by rule.
During overtime, if the defense intercepts the ball and returns it for a touchdown,the game is over.
During overtime, if Team A's pass is intercepted, their series has ended.
The goal line shall always be the zone line-to-gain in overtime
With no penalties enforced, the first overtime period will start 1st and goal on the Team B fifteen (15) yard line.