Established in 1955, Atlanta Peachstate Football Officials Association Inc. (APFOA) is a self-governing body whose primary purpose is to provide quality football officials to high schools operating in the state of Georgia for both varsity and sub-varsity contests.

We provide training each summer through a formal training program, and our crew assignments blend experienced and veteran high school officials with newer officials in an effective mentoring program.

Our main "customers" are the high schools in the State of Georgia, primarily in the Atlanta suburban and metro area. We can and do; however, provide our services to schools throughout the state.

We strive at all times to present a stabilizing influence over the course of the games we officiate. Our job is to "blend into the background", yet to exert firm, impartial, and professional influences that keep the games fair, enjoyable, and above all safe for all participants.

All our members are expected to work diligently to improve their performance on the field, their knowledge of the rules of football, and to display a proper attitude and courtesy to everyone with whom we deal. We expect our members to exhibit the highest standards of personal and professional integrity.

APFOA is a non-profit association. All monies beyond our cost of operations and a small cash operating reserve are distributed to our members for services rendered. While payments for games worked can be a nice source of supplementary income, working high school football games will never be a major source of income for officials. Officiating any sport at the high school level is at best a hobby, not another vocation.

The primary motivation for being a high school football official needs to come from a love of the game, desire to give back to the community, or some similar "higher" purpose. Our best officials are not only technically competent, but they thoroughly understand the importance of the organization's service goals each and every time they step out onto the playing field. These are the men and women who rise within our ranks to become leaders in our association.

All this means that we take pride in our work and it shows. Personal satisfaction for a job well done is one of the greatest rewards that we experience. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. We are always looking for like-minded people to join with us as we help provide some of the best life experiences our charges will ever have.