2023 – Flag Quiz 1

Welcome to your 2023 - Flag Quiz 1

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The "TDY" sized football will be used in all Varsity games.
Teams can use a composite or leather football.
Each player must wear a quick release flag belt with two flags permanently affixed so that they fall at the hips.
The Referee notices that A1 is not wearing a flag belt after breaking the huddle.  He/She informs A1 that she needs a flag belt.  If A1 fails to acquire a flag belt before the 25 second count expires, Team A will be penalized five (5) yards for delay of game.
If a flag belt inadvertently falls to the ground, a one (1) hand tag between the shoulders and knees constitutes capture.
Each player may wear pants/shorts with pockets as long as they secure the pockets with tape.
Team boxes are located two (2) yards off the sideline and between the 20 yard lines.
A pass caught by a player with both knees on the ground shall be ruled incomplete.
The initial direction of the pass determines whether the pass is forward or backward.
A backward pass or fumble that hits the ground is ruled dead at that spot.