2023 – Flag Quiz 6

Welcome to your 2023 - Flag Quiz 6

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The players of the kicking team may move downfield after the snap.
Quick kicks are legal.
Opponents may rush the kicker during a punt.
Team K may punt the ball more than once per down.
A Team K player may legally punt the ball to herself or another Team K player.
A punt may be run out of  Team R’s end zone.
On a punt, once a Team R player signals for a fair catch and catches the punt, the ball is dead.
Team R muffs the punt at the Team R 22 yard line. The ball rolls out of bounds at Team R's 15 yard line. The next play should be snapped from the 15 yard line.
A punt is muffed at Team R's 2 yard line and lands out-of-bounds behind Team R’s goal line.  The result of the play is a safety.
Successive charged time-outs may not be granted to each team during a dead ball period.
Unsportsmanlike conduct includes players and non-players using profanity, insulting or vulgar language, or gestures.