2023 – Flag Quiz 7

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A player may hand the ball forward to a teammate at any time.
The runner may be legally pulled forward by a lead screen blocker.
An opponent may not obstruct a runner’s progress when removing a flag.
Runner A-1 is running down the sideline.  B-1, attempting to de-flag A-1, steps out-of-bounds intentionally to avoid the block by A-2.  B-1 steps back on the field and successfully de-flags A-1.  The correct ruling is the play is legal.  Going out of bounds pertains to a pass receiver only.
It is illegal participation when any player, replaced player, or substitute player enters during a down.
During a running play, penalties will be enforced from the end of the run when the defense fouls in advance of the end of the run.
B-3 is rushing passer A-1 after the ball is released.  While A-1 is still fading back, B-3 pushes her.  The correct ruling is roughing the passer, 10 yards and automatic first down.
If Team B intercepts a pass with “clean hands” and thereafter they commit a foul, they may retain possession of the ball if they decline all live ball fouls by their opponents.
A-1 catches a pass for a score.  B-3 commits a holding foul.  The correct ruling is: The scoring team may choose to have the foul enforced at the succeeding spot (Try) or the 14 yard line.
The ball is at the Team B 15 yard line when Team A is guilty of illegal motion.  After the play is dead, B 12  is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.  If the fouls are accepted, they will be administered separately and in the order of occurrence.
It is third down and 5 on the Team A 35.  A-1 gains 11 yards, then throws an illegal forward pass.  The correct ruling is: Penalize Team A 5 yards from the spot of the illegal forward pass.  Since the yardage mark-off leaves the ball beyond the zone line to gain, it is 1st down.