2023 – Flag Quiz 5

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A player who is bleeding, has an open wound, or has any amount of blood on their uniform shall be considered an injured player.
If a penalty is declined, the number of the next down shall be whatever it would have been if that foul had not occurred.
A rules decision, not including a timing error, may not be changed after the ball is next legally snapped.
A backward pass that touches the ground behind the spot of the pass is dead at that spot.
Contact by B which is obviously away from the forward pass is not defensive pass interference.
Team A passes the ball into Team B’s end zone where it is intercepted and downed.  The correct ruling is a touchback.
If a team is 19 or more points ahead at the 2-minute warning or less, the game shall be over.
A player is disqualified from the game after committing 2 unsportsmanlike conduct fouls.
A blocker must have their hands by their sides or behind their back.
A screen blocker shall take a position so that a moving opponent can avoid contact.
A player must be on their feet before, during, and after screen blocking.