2023 – Flag Quiz 4

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Failure to snap the ball within forty (40) seconds after the ball is declared ready for play is a delay of game.
The snapper must pass the ball backward between her legs.
The defensive pass interference penalty includes an automatic first down and is a spot foul.
If Team A is guilty of pass interference on 4th down and the penalty is accepted, it will be Team B's ball with 1st down and zone-line-to gain whether or not the zone line-to-gain is reached after enforcement.
There is no limit on the number of forward passes that may be thrown during a down as long as each pass originates from behind Team A's scrimmage line.
The runner may use an arm or hand to protect their flags from being pulled.
Runner A-1 fumbles the ball on Team B's three (3) yard line.  The ball hits in Team B's end zone.  It will be Team A's ball on Team B's three (3) yard line.
Following a safety, the team which was scored upon shall punt the ball from its own twenty (20) yard line.
The offensive team can substitute only four (4) players between downs.
A runner is moving downfield when they slip and begin to fall.  In order to maintain balance, they place the ball on the ground to stabilize while maintaining possession.  The ball shall  be declared dead at that spot.
When a backward pass or fumble by a player strikes the ground, the ball remains live.