2022 Quiz 7

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In the following situations, should the ball remain live or be declared dead? Q-7
When any legal free kick that is a scoring attempt breaks the plane of Team B's goal line.
When an official sounds his/her whistle.
When any forward pass in incomplete.
When a loose ball is motionless on the ground and no player is attempting to secure possession.
Following an illegal fair catch signal.
When the helmet comes completely off of a player attempting to tackle the runner.
When a runner trips and falls in-bounds, untouched by an opponent.
When a pass is intercepted in Team A's end zone.
When a forward pass touches an official in-bounds and rebounds into the air.
When a place kick holder does not rise and/or lift his knees off the ground and throws a backward pass.
Which of the following are false for the case play below? Q-7
Defensive back B21 intercepts a legal forward pass on Team B's 7 yard line.  While attempting to advance, he circles back into the end zone.  Before he can advance out of the end zone, the back judge blows his/her whistle.

Select all that apply.
Which of the following are true for the case play below? Q-7
Potential punt returner, R10, is awaiting a punt at Team R's 20 yard line.  As he is about to catch the ball, a dog runs onto the field and jumps to "catch" the ball also.  The dog bumps into R10 and as a consequence, R10 muffs the ball.  A kicking team member recovers the loose ball.

Select all that apply.