2021 – Quiz 20

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Which statement is false based on the case play below? Q-20

After the kick-off from Team K’s 40 yard line to start the 2nd half, the return ends at Team R’s 24 yard line. After the returner is downed, R9 and K7 exchange punches.  R9 threw the first punch.  The covering official flags both players for fighting.  The coach of Team K is upset that his player was flagged.  The coach is flagged for using improper language to express his displeasure to the field judge.

Which statement is true based on the case play below? Q-20

4th and 12 for Team K on R’s 49 yard line.  K1’s punt is still airborne when R6 blocks K8 in the back on R’s 22 yard line.  Team R allows the ball to strike the ground untouched.  The ball is rolling loose on R’s 14 yard line when the covering official sounds his/her whistle.

Which statement is false based on the case play below? Q-20It is 2nd and seven (7) on Team A's 35 yard line.  After a running play ends in-bounds at Team A's 40, B-9 and A-6 are flagged for fighting.  It is not possible to determine who threw the first punch.
Which of the following are true or false? Q-20Penalties for dead-ball fouls are usually enforced separately and in the order in which they occur.
A multiple foul is one or more live-ball fouls by each team resulting in offsetting penalties.
A post-scrimmage kick foul can only occur after the kick is beyond the expanded neutral zone.
All illegal forward passes are loose ball plays, and the basic enforcement spot is the succeeding spot.
If the kicker is roughed during a successful field goal, the only way Team K can have the penalty enforced is by repeating the down.
Post scrimmage kick enforcement applies to all kicking situations.
All live-ball fouls are penalized under the all-but-one principle.