Self Evaluation

Welcome to your Self Evaluation

Officials Name:
Game Info:
Home vs Visitor (Game #)
[Preparation] Was I ready?
[Personal Appearance] Did I look my best?
[Physical Condition] Did I get tired during the game?
[Judgement] Did I make proper decisions concerning violations of the rules?
A. Did my decisions result from the normal flow of the game?
B. Did I inject myself into the game unnecessarily?
[Poise] Reaction to pressure conditions: Did I exhibit my best self control?
[Alertness] Was I aware of game conditions on every play, down, distance, and time?
[Mechanics] Did I cover each play correctly - Positioning?
[Knowledge of spots of enforcement] Was I aware of every foul and its enforcement?
A. Did I work well with my crew?
B. Did I help my crew when needed?
[Game Sense] Did I use common sense throughout?
A. Did I stay focused?
B. Was I really in this game start to finish?
Summary Comments
- What did I do well today?
- What I want to work on:
- Other:
How would I rate myself for this game?
1-2-3(Fair)  4-5-6(Good) 7-8-9(Very Good) 10 (Excellent)