2020 – Quiz 8

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Which of the following statements are true based on the following case plays?

The kickoff to start the game from Team K’s 40 yard line goes out of bounds on R’s 28 yard line untouched by either team.  Team R wishes to take the ball 25 yards in advance of the previous spot.

1st and ten at Team A’s 25 yard line.  A3 is advancing five yards beyond the neutral zone when blocker A11’s helmet comes completely off his head.  A3 continues to advance.  B1 attempts to tackle A3 10 yards beyond the neutral zone; however, his contact only causes A3’s helmet to come completely off.  A3 continues to advance for an apparent touchdown.

Following a touchback and before the ready-for-play, Team A elects to have the ball placed at the left hash mark.  After the ready, but before the snap, B1 crosses the neutral zone and makes contact with A1.  After the penalty is enforced, the captain of Team A asks to have the ball moved from the left hash mark to the center of the field.