2021 – Quiz 4

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Which of the following are true or false?

A scrimmage formation requires a minimum of seven Team A players legally on their line at the snap.
Scrimmage is the action of the two teams during a down which begins with a free kick.
A live ball is a ball not in play.
A handed ball is considered a pass.
A snap is the legal act of passing or handing the ball backward from its position on the ground.
Tackling is the use of hands, arms, legs, or body by a defensive player in his attempt to hold a runner or to bring him to the ground.
Blocking is obstructing an opponent by contacting him with any part of the blocker’s body.
A defensive player is on his line of scrimmage when he is within 2 yards of his scrimmage line at the snap.
In a free kick formation, at least five R players must be within 5 yards of their free kick line.
Force is the result of energy exerted by a player which provides movement of the ball.
The batting of a pass, kick, or fumble in flight is considered a new force.
The field of play is the area within the boundary lines and the end lines.
A foul is a rule infraction for which a penalty is prescribed.
No foul causes loss of the ball.
Game situations which produce results somewhat similar to penalties, but which are not classified as fouls, include: first touching of a kick by K and forfeiture of a game.