2021 Quiz 3

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Which of the following are true or false? Q-3
Any Team K player may become a kicker.
Any Team A player may become a passer.
A passer is a Team A player who throws a legal forward pass.
A player in possession of a live ball is a runner.
Catching is always preceded by touching of the ball.
A player can fumble before gaining possession.
An interception is the catch of an opponent’s fumble or pass.
A muff is the touching of a loose ball by a player in an unsuccessful attempt to secure possession.
A catch is the act of establishing player possession of a live ball which is in flight, and first contacting the ground inbounds while maintaining possession.
A snapper must face and have his shoulders approximately parallel with the opponent’s goal line.
A huddle is three or more players of the same team grouped together before a down.
The batting of a pass, kick, or fumble in flight is considered a new force.
The field of play is the area within the boundary lines and the end lines.
A live ball is in player possession or is loose.
Which of the following are true or false? Q-4
Scrimmage is the action of the two teams during a down which begins with a free kick.
Batting is any slapping or striking the ball, even if accidental, with the arm or hand.
A kick is the intentional striking of the ball with the knee, lower leg, or foot.
A snapper is the player that snaps the ball.