2021 – Quiz 11

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Which of the following are True or False? Q-11
A team must be in a legal scrimmage kick formation to legally punt the ball.
Any Team K player may catch or recover a scrimmage kick while it is in or behind the neutral zone and advance during a try.
The touching of a low scrimmage kick is ignored only if the touching is clearly behind the expanded neutral zone.
If any R player signals for a fair catch, all R players are given protection.
During a legal scrimmage kick, the neutral zone may not be expanded into the end zone.
If any K player catches or recovers a free kick, the ball remains live and the player can advance.
At the time the ball is kicked for a free kick, there must be five K players on each side of the kicker.
A punt can be used for the free kick to start the game.
The ball will remain live if a member of the receiving team gives an invalid fair catch signal and the kick is caught by another member of Team R.
An illegal fair catch signal is given by a runner.
A member of Team K cannot commit kick catching interference without making contact with the ball or a potential kick returner.
Only one member of Team R can give a fair catch signal during a down.
The kicker and holder of a free kick may be beyond the free kick line.
A pop-up kick is legal.
Team R may not signal for a fair catch of the free kick following a safety.