If you are interested in joining Atlanta Peachstate Football Officials Association, you may submit a request for information by clicking the following link  http://www.apfoa.com/contact-me/or contact Norman Smith

Phone: (678) 663-3338
Email: normansmith499@att.net

I would like to become a high school game/contest official in Georgia. What steps do I need to take?

Answer: All registrations for new, or the renewal of current officials, is done through local associations. That information can be obtained in the following ways: – For Football contact us (Atlanta Peachstate Football Officials) – use this website as needed. Officials Status: Officials belonging to the GHSA are “Independent Contractors”. Each association may have processes in place to interview and select candidates for it’s needs.

I am moving to Georgia from another state in which I am registered. How do I transfer my registration and years of service information?

Answer: Call your former state association and ask them to transfer your officiating records (years of service, classification status, previous year test scores, and rules clinic attendance records) to the GHSA Office. Fax information to the GHSA Office @ 706-647-2638 When an official transfers to Georgia and wishes to officiate in the GHSA, he/she must contact their previous state(s) to have their officiating service records forwarded to the GHSA Office. Upon receipt of said records a determination will be made on the officiala��s status. Until said records are received, the official will retain a status of a�?registereda�?.

Do my years of service and my rating from another state carryover when I register in Georgia?

Answer: When the GHSA Office receives your records, an assessment of your officiating history will be made and a classification status will be assigned. Applicants will be rated “Registered” until records are received from the previous state. As a general rule, Certified officials will be listed as “second-year Approved” until they have met the Georgia criteria for one year a�� then they will be moved to “Certified” status. In general, when an official who has been officiating high school athletics in another state moves to Georgia, he/she should contact the former state high school association to have them send a record of his/her current status, years of service, recent test scores, and a record of recent clinic attendance. After the GHSA receives this information, an assessment of the official’s status will be made.

If I have taken the rules exam and attended the rules clinic in another state, do I receive credit when I transfer to Georgia?

Answer: Yes, if you have taken the NFHS Exams and your previous state association forwards your scores to the GHSA Office.

I belong to another GHSA Association in the same sport and wish to transfer to a different Association. What must I do?

Answer: You must contact and advise the Association you are leaving of your intentions and obtain a letter of recommendation. Then make contact with the Association you are intending to join and follow their new official registration process. Your current status and years of service with GHSA will be retained.

I have some concerns about my schedule, promotion, and level of games assigned. Should I call the GHSA Office to resolve these issues?

Answer: No, GHSA game/contest officials are a�?independent contractorsa�? and matters of this nature should be resolved at the local association level. If the issues cannot be resolved in that manner, then the GHSA Office may become involved in settling the matter.