Arbiter Profile Update

Atlanta Peachstate’s “Official” Roster is now retained and maintained on the “Arbiter Website“.

  • “You” – under your Arbiter Login – are the only person able to make changes to your Profile.
  • You control who can view what using the “Public” check boxes.
  • Your SSN is never visible – except to you and the Arbiter Manager – therefore it is strickly confidential.
  • Arbiter has significant security associated with their Website – so you can feel your SSN is secure.
  • Why do you need to input your SSN into Arbiter?
  • You will not be paid without it
  • A portion of your SSN is needed each year to verify and register you with GHSA
  • Two things are mandatory as part of your Arbiter Profile
  • One “Visible” Phone number – so your fellow officials can indeed contact you
  • Your SSN – for registration and IRS Form 1099 requirements.