2020 – Quiz 7

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In the following situations, should the ball remain live or be declared dead?

When an official sounds his/her whistle.
When any forward pass is incomplete.
When any score occurs.
When a loose ball is motionless on the ground and no player is attempting to secure possession.
Following an illegal fair catch signal.
When a loose ball is caught simultaneously by teammates.
When the helmet comes completely off of a player attempting to tackle the runner.
When a pass is intercepted in Team A’s end zone.
When the receivers catch or recover any free kick anywhere.
When Team B intercepts a pass on 1st down in the GHSA Overtime Procedure.
When a forward pass touches an official inbounds and rebounds into the air.
When a kick, that is not a scoring attempt, crosses R’s goal line in flight.
When a runner trips and falls in bounds, untouched by an opponent.
When a runner’s forward progress is stopped.
When a live ball goes out of bounds.