2020 – Quiz 19

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For the following fouls, is the basic spot the succeeding spot or the previous spot?

Delay of game.
False start.
Dead ball personal foul.
Sideline interference (2nd offense).
Snap infraction.
Roughing the passer, if the pass is incomplete.
Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Illegal formation.
Free kick infraction
Planned loose ball infraction

Which of the following are true or false?

The distance penalty for any foul may be declined.
Only one live ball foul causes the covering official to sound the whistle immediately.
No penalty directly results in a safety.
Penalties are either 5 or 15 yards.
All live ball fouls are penalized by the “All-But-One” enforcement principle.
Free kick lines are always 10 yards apart.
A kick ends as soon as any player secures possession.
A game official’s whistle seldom kills the ball. It is already dead by rule.
A live ball is always in possession of a team.
A player that is eligible at the start of the down remains eligible throughout the down.