2020 – Quiz 18

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Which statement is true based on the case play below?

1st and 10 for Team A from their 25 yard line.  A1 is advancing the ball, off tackle, through the line of scrimmage.  A3 is leading interference for A1 when lineman B2 extends his leg which contacts A1 causing him to fall at the 33 yard line in bounds.

Which of the following statements are true based on the following case play?

4th and 25 from Team A’s 25 yard line.  Team A throws a “Hail Mary” pass which A3 catches at Team B’s 40 yard line.  As A3 is advancing for an apparent touchdown at Team B’s 10 yard line, he holds the ball high in the air and points and shakes his finger at pursuing B1. 

Which statement is true based on the case play below?

It is 3rd down and 10 from Team A’s 20 yard line.  A3 accidentally steps on the sideline as he is running a sideline pattern.  A3 does not have any further contact out of bounds during the down.  A forward pass is thrown in his direction, but before A3 can attempt to catch the ball, B3 contacts A3 while the pass is in the air.  The pass falls incomplete.  The covering official throws a flag for pass interference on B3.