2020 – Quiz 17

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For which of the following fouls is physical contact with an opponent (player or non-player) required for a penalty to be called?


Pass interference.
Sideline interference.
Helping the runner.
Roughing the passer.
Unsportsmanlike conduct.
Illegal participation.
Kick catching interference

Which of the following situations result in disqualification on the first occurrence if the act is not judged to be flagrant?

A substitute enters the playing field from the team box while a down is in progress.
A defensive player slaps a blockers head.
Unintentional contact between a substitute and an official in the restricted area while the ball is alive.
Two personal fouls charged to the same player.
Spiking the ball into the ground after scoring a touchdown.
Grasping, turning, and twisting the face mask of an opponent.
Two chop blocks charged to the same player.
Unintentional contact with an official in the field of play.
A substitute leaving the team box during a fight.
A runner hurdles an opponent in the open field.