2021 – Quiz 15

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Which of the following are True or False? Q-15
After a try or successful field goal, the opponent of the scoring team shall designate which team will kick off.
After a touchdown, the scoring team will attempt a try from the three yard line in all instances.
The try begins as soon as a touchdown is declared.
The game is won by the team which accumulates the most points.
Possession of a live ball in the opponent’s end zone is always a touchdown.
After a safety, the ball will be put in play by a free kick from the 25 yard line.
A try ends when it is apparent a place kick will not score.
In all cases, the score of a forfeited game is: Offended Team 1, Opponent 0.
It is a touchback when a legal forward pass is intercepted in Team B’s end zone and the ball becomes dead there in Team B’s possession.
The Defense (Team R) cannot score on a try.
A drop kick on the try is legal.
It is a touchback when A1 fumbles on Team B's 2 yard line and the ball goes into B's end zone and out-of-bounds there.
After the kickoff to start the game is untouched and declared dead in the receiving team's end zone, the ball will be put in play by a snap from the receiving team's 25 yard line.
If B9 intercepts a pass in Team B's end zone and begins to return the ball but is downed in the end zone, it is a safety.
The momentum exception does not apply to a free kick.