2020 – Quiz 13

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Which of the following are true or false?

Any player may hand the ball forward at any time.
A lineman may not be in motion at the snap.
A Team A lineman can become a passer.
No more than two players may be in motion at the snap.
All Team A players may stand, crouch, or kneel.
At the snap, Team A must have exactly seven players on the line of scrimmage.
A player that is eligible at the start of the down remains eligible throughout the down.
All Team B players are eligible pass receivers at the snap.
Team A linemen may “lock legs” with each other regardless of their position on the line of scrimmage.
Pass eligibility rules apply to all forward passes.
Encroachment can occur before the ready for play signal.
If a team punts the ball on 3rd down, there must be five players on the line of scrimmage numbered 50 to 79.
If a substitute player wearing #77 comes onto the field and replaces a player in the game also wearing #77, it is a foul for illegal numbering.
A planned loose ball play in the vicinity of the snapper (fumblerooski) is a legal play if the Referee is notified before the snap.
During a down, any player in possession may make a backward pass.